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THE PersonalAIR™

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Product

Where are the masks made?

We are a Tennessee Corporation. We assemble these masks in Tennessee and Europe. This lets us produce and ship easily into local markets.

 How long can I wear it for?

Depending on the model – Your mask comes with a battery bank capable of running the fans and all ancillary functions for more than 8 hours of full continuous use.

Is fit testing required for the mask ?

Your mask will initially come with a patented app with TrueDepth technology. It allows you to scan your face using an iPhone X or higher and submit the scan to us for a custom-fit facepiece that will be created and included in the box.

 Is the mask adjustable?

All straps are adjustable – we use silicone tough and soft piable tubing.

Can people hear me in the mask?

Yes they can. From START to our ULTRA range (not SNUG), our fans were selected for their quiet operation. In the advanced XTRA and ULTRA models we have added a microphone and speaker to amplify and clean background noise in order for you to have a clear conversation in noisy environments.

Is there carbon dioxide buildup inside the mask?

The act of exhaling generates C02, it is how we deal with that build up that distinguishes this mask from all others. Our twin fan design features a dedicated fan pulling exhaled breath out of the mask. In the advanced models (SAFE, XTRA and ULTRA) we pass the exhaust breath with its CO2 through a chamber of UV-C LEDs to expose and compromise any residual viruses. Then it passes through another filter to clean any potential particulates or droplets left in the breath, before pulling it out of the mask using two small fans. The fan in the ULTA model is also supplemented by a micro-air conditioning unit.

What is the mask made of?

The mask is made of injection-molded polycarbonate which is tough, light and easy to clean. The facepiece is made of FDA approved rubberized plastic.

How do I clean the mask?

The mask comes apart into four pieces.

The piece that comes into contact with your face, the face-piece, is washable with soap and water. The mask unit itself, which includes the electronics package, is pulled apart into three pieces: the front, the electronics chassis, and the rear parts. The front and rear parts are washable and the electronics chassis can be cleaned in a sanitation box (also available from us)

Does it work if someone is sporting a beard?

No there is no known effective way to seal a mask with someone who has grown a beard.
The mask will provide a better level protection around your face even if you have a beard, but it is not recommended.
shave your beard and things become easier for all mask wearers.

Does the mask fog my eyewear?

Fogging happens when the seal between ones face and mask facepiece do not fit. We have worked very hard to be sure that the facepiece will fit comfortably, eliminating the fogging of spectacles worn above the bridge of the mask. Comfort and protection are our two primary goals.

Does the mask have a fan?

(excluding the SNUG) The mask has many items packed into a tiny space. The two fans are probably the only piece you will know and feel operating – all other functions are passive. We added two small fans to circulate and push the volumes of air and waste gasses (Co2) out of the mask. Without fans, it would be close to impossible to remove any Co2 buildup.

An average person will breath up to 100 cubic feet of air per hour, that’s a lot of air and a lot of hot Co2 to deal with. That heat accumulates over time and, unless you do something about it, any mask becomes unwearable. Try a simple test – cover your mouth and breath heavily in and out over your hand. Soon your hand gets not only hot, but damp as well.

The fans are included to reduce this build up of heat and humidity. We use both these physical attributes to monitor the wearers breathing.

 How do I control the mask functions

(For XTRA and ULTRA) Voice controls via the onboard microphone, speaker and wifi functions. The mask acts as an extension of your smart phone, since it is capable of pairing to your phone and using all of the phone’s capabilities.

Can I apply essential oils to the washable filter?

If you wish, you can add a drop of essential oil, lavender, geranium, lemon grass, etc., to the washable filter.
we do not apply it ourselves because since everyone is different, they can also be effected by the strong smells associated with essential oils.
we therefore leave this to the individual to apply themselves.

 Why wear a mask?

There are some great links from around the internet to help you understand that wearing a mask protects you, while also protecting people around you from exposure to airborne germs. This article reviews what we can do and why mask-wearing makes sense.

Do you provide masks in different colors?

Yes, they will come in many different color combinations. We will initially produce in a limited color selection. Over the coming months we will produce based on user feedback and  ‘color of the month’ requests.

When will you have your app ready to download?

The mobile app is anticipated to release before summer 2021. We are currently in test and re-test process, to make it work as simply as possible.

Will the app work on Android?

Currently, we are only releasing our App on the iPhone platform. We hope to provide an Android app later in 2022.

We can only do so much as a startup, so for now, please find a friend who has a newer iPhone and use their phone until we have an Android option.

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