This is where we started and this is how we began. it was july and i was working on a design for a mask. i needed a cad designer but didn’t know anyone in this space, or at least no one i knew in recent time.

So how do you find a cad designer. I had no idea. That resource came along 2 months later through another old friend and that opened up a conversation with Hans. More about that later.

So i was looking through my Linkedin contacts and suddenly a face flashed past my list in my personal network. it was a face i had not seen in a very long time.¬† i stopped, scrolled back and found the face that had caught my eye. it was Gareth Evans. A flood of connections and possibilities but more importantly, thoughts of how long it had been since i has spoken or seen Gareth and what he might be up to these days, 35years after we had left McDonnell Douglas (McAuto). In an instant i started to type a message using Linkedin’s system and pressed the send key.

Within an hour while i was working on an email, my macbook pinged its comfortable alert-ping to let me know i had received a message within Linkedin. I stopped what i was doing to investigate and saw Gareth’s reply.

That was July….

Follow these and see just what a crazy time it has been over the past 8 weeks 

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