Guthrie Mason

Manufacturing & Prototyping Director

Guthrie Mason is also the CEO and CO-Founder of Gu3D Printing, LLC a Professional 3D Printing Service Bureau in Southern Middle Tennessee.

Guthrie is in his 13th year in the Additive Manufacturing Industry and currently in his second year with Gu3D. His start in Additive came from 10 years with Additive Giant and the inventor of 3D printing, 3D Systems.

There Guthrie was tasked with managing all aspects of production for 3D Systems inside of their largest SLA Facility. There he not only managed all production; he also was responsible for over 60 Industrial SLA Printers. Guthrie enjoyed great success with 3D leading his team to record breaking milestones in growth, but his knowledge of his craft is what sets him apart from most in his field.

Guthrie’s love for Stereolithography (SLA) and his passion to help customers see their product grow from just an idea into a physical product that they can hold in their hand led to his decision to found Gu3D Printing.

Seeing the failure of large companies to serve the everyday entrepreneur Guthrie made bringing ideas to reality one of his main objectives at Gu3D along with educating as many individuals especially children in local schools as possible about the benefits and everyday uses of 3D Printing.

This mission is where he also found his role with First Wave 3D and is currently responsible for every phase of the prototyping phase and scaled manufacturing.

Has been making and manufacturing gizmos most of his life.

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