Lyndsay Williams

Advisor Research & Development

Lyndsay Williams is an  Electronics Design  Engineer and lives in Cambridge UK.

Lyndsay specializes in designing embedded computers using sensors.

She graduated from the University of Salford with BSc Honors in Biomedical Electronics.

Lyndsay has been responsible for many designs in the Avionics Industry (British Aerospace) and consumer audio designs, e.g. Commodore Computers.

She worked as a computer researcher for Microsoft Research Cambridge when she designed a camera called SenseCam to help people with memory loss.

In 1997 she designed a handheld computer with sensors which included accelerometers to allow motion input in the computer.

This technology was sold to Apple and used in the iPhone, See

This patent was one of the first in 1997 to design a camera into a phone.

Lyndsay is now a  retired Associate Professor, Reader in Hardware and Software Integration, UNN UK

Awards:  Microsoft Research, Thought Leadership Award,  FRSA (retired)  MIEE (retired)

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