Where All the “GUBBINS” GO

A crash course in colloquial English terms – So its often comforting when working with a friend or colleague who “speaks the same language” that I was re-introduced to a word that I hadn’t used since moving here in the USA. Take the other day, Gareth and I were having our morning chat on the mask design, progress, and directions and he tells me that he figured out how to get all the Gubbins on one layer to make it easier to build and maintain. I chuckled outwardly while my inner monologue was howling…I It just made my day, simple little things that go a long way in breaking up some of the more serious parts of building and creating this fantastic mask.

So, to clarify, what does “gubbins” mean in this or any context? …we have a layer that allows us to place all the components or “gubbins” easily (its a catchall for “stuff”). The whole layer lifts out leaving the shells of the body of the mask available to wash and clean individually whenever you need to. We would recommend a once a week wash with soap and warm water. The filters are washable and can be washed at the end of each day. we send 2 replacements so that you can cycle them out each day. our UV-C LEDs remove the virus from being toxic through its exposure to the UV lights in the chambers.

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